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    My name is Angel Morel Brown and there are so many words I could use to describe myself, but first and foremost, I am a child of God. I am His daughter and one of His favorites. I live because Jesus died, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Him while speaking about who I am.


    Now... who am I... I am a beautiful Black Queen who is learning more about herself everyday. Born and raised in Detroit, MI and currently residing in Atlanta, GA, I am focusing my life more on listening to my Spiritual Father so that I can continue to blossom into the rose I was created to be.


    I am love. I am light. I am truth. I believe that we are all put on this earth to be blessings to others, so I am constantly praying to be my best self so that I can do just that. Here on the site, you will learn about my journey in my writings, and my hope is that you are encouraged in knowing that life, while it may be challenging, you are never alone. The battle isn’t yours, it’s the Lords. Transforming your mindset will help you to realize just how blessed you truly are.


    Thank you for visiting the site and I love you all! Also, I am available for speaking engagements and mentor opportunities, so contact me if I can be of some assistance.


    A Good Read Can Change Your Life

    *NEW* From Fatherless to Fatherfull

    *NEW* From Fatherless to Fatherfull

    This is a remarkable 5 day devotional that will remind you of who your Father is and that you are FULL of Him.
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    Fatherless Daughter: A Different Perspective

    Fatherless Daughter: A Different Perspective

    Fatherless Daughter ADP is not only a book, but a tool that can aid in forgiveness of your natural father, healing, and recognition of your Spiritual Father. There are several activities inside that are designed to help you discover things about yourself that will encourage growth and there also perspectives of other women experiences with fatherlessness and how they overcame. Being fatherless is not a disease or a curse, and while the circumstances may not be ideal, it should be faced and embraced.
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  • A Different Perspective

    I am Fatherless BUT I overcame!

    Brandi Keeler, I am Fatherless, BUT...

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    Blk Girl Boss Angel

    Blk Girl Boss Angel Morel Brown is the Founder and Owner of E.L.I.T.E. Women, the author of Fatherless Daughter: A Different Perspective, Ceo of Iam FatherFULL. I interviewed Angel regarding her businesses and her motivation behind each. Tell me about this empire you are building? E.L.I.T.E. Women is a Service Leadership non-profit organization founded in Detroit, MI whose mission is to Encourage women to be God-Fearing Leaders that Influence others to live Triumphant lifestyles while Empowering those around them to be their best self. to read more, click here.

    Interview with Angel Morel Brown, Author of Fatherless Daughter: A Different Perspective

    Angel was interviewed and featured in the new Oh So Magazine, in May 2017. To read more, click here.

    32 books with Michigan ties to check out this season

    Brown, a service leader, speaker and mentor, offers guidance and advice for women who have grown up without fathers. To read more, click here.

    Angel Interviewed on the Bishop Greg Davis Show on 910am Superstation

    Angel sits down with Bishop Greg Davis to discuss her book. Interview starts at 26 minutes of video. To listen, click here.

    Angel Morel Brown EMPOWERS Fatherless Daughters to Lead a Life of Success Despite their Circumstances

    Angel Morel Brown is a native Detroiter and has a special love for the city she calls home. She is a graduate of Detroit Public Schools, going on to receive her Bachelor in Business from Eastern Michigan University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University. To read more, click here.

    Angel of Fatherless Daughters

    It’s Autumn 2016 and as I take a look at my surroundings, I see nothing but promotion of positivity, breakthroughs, tragedies turning into triumphs and ambitious women amongst it all of course! I am truly honored to introduce you to Angel Brown, author of the breakthrough book Fatherless Daughter. Fatherless Daughter’, a different perspective... to read more, click here.

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    There is a Testimony and Truth in Transparency.

    ~ Angel Morel Brown

    November 20, 2017 · Atlanta,Detroit,Move,Angel Morel Brown,30th Birthday · 16
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